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SPAR Rekordomania

Bring to life the record-breakers of the animal world from the Rekordomania.

In cooperation with SPAR Slovenia d.o.o.,

we created mobile AR application Rekordomania 3.

We developed two AR modes. One to scan the images and spawn the animals on the image and track them. The second mode enables classic AR mode where you can spawn your animal on any flat surface around you. You can scale the animal size and rotate them to your liking so you can take the perfect photo with your favorite virtual friend. Your images are safely stored in the gallery and immediately ready for sharing.

Scan thumbnails of the elephant, penguin, fox, giraffe, lion, rhino and other record-breakers found in the album and recreate the most extraordinary animals with this mobile app. Put the elephant and rhino in the living room, take the elegant giraffe to the garden, and give the penguin a chill in the fridge. Or resurrect other stunning record-breakers from the posters and stickers you'll find in the Spar and InterSpar stores. Sounds like fun, right?


Scan  QR code with your mobile phone or tablet to download the app from Google Play or App Store.

It will automatically redirect you to your phone platform.

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